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You may have a shift of your structural foundation.

A shifted structural foundation (your body's inner framework) is frequently the true underlying cause of common Secondary Conditions (symptoms) you experience such as:

- Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain
- Postural Issues
- Sciatica & Hip Pain
- Numbness & Tingling
- Muscular Spasm & Tension
- Pinched Nerves
- Headaches (Including Migraine)
- TMJ Syndrome
- Decreased Range of Motion
- Herniated & Bulging Spinal Discs
- Dizziness / Vertigo
- Carpal Tunnel Sundrome

The Body Right Way

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At Body Right Chiropractic, we focus on correcting the body's inner framework using the Body Right System, which helps resolve most Secondary Conditions. In contrast, most healthcare professionals only address the resulting symptoms.

The Body Right Systems is recognized by patients for being unique and different.

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To Help People Live a Longer, Healthier, Active Life.

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