What October is known for?

As you know, October has been declared “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”  However, did you know it is also “National Chiropractic Health Month?”  Yes, that’s right.  Think of it this way, while one aspect of the medical community is focusing on your front side, we are focusing on your back side.  In reality though, we have your back all year long.

Anyway, we are really excited to get the message out about National Chiropractic Health Month.  At Body Right Chiropractic we are working hard to help people get vertical.  In the picture below, you will notice there is a self test.  This is our version of the self test for your back side, however, we have taken it one step further because it can be done on men, women and children.

Sincerely, if you have any questions or concerns give the office a call.  When you call in say, I want to talk to Dr. Matt.  I look forward to meeting you soon.

Be Well,

Dr. Matt

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