Bioresonance Scan

Our body is constantly exposed to STRESSORS on a day to day basis. Regardless if they come from our environment, the foods we eat or even the emotional interactions we have with others, if these stressors persist, over time, they can have a negative impact on our overall health. It can be said, in a healthy state, our body has an ability to adapt to the daily stressors we experience. Conversely, in an unhealthy state, whereby our body fails to adapt, it ultimately leads to unwanted health conditions.

With that in mind, imagine, if there was a way to assess your body for stressors on a regular basis and make recommendations to assist your body in its ability to adapt to these stressors and in so doing, assist in restoring balance and help you maintain health. Well, at Body Right Chiropractic, we have a technology that assesses the body for these STRESSORS as well as assesses for what are called BALANCERS that assist in helping your body to adapt.

To assess for these STRESSORS, our office utilizes a BIORESONANCE SCAN technology. The Bioresonance scan identifies which stressors are the highest priority to focus on and then identifies BALANCERS (primarily nutritional items) to help assist the body in adapting to the stressors identified. The Bioresonance scan is a non-diagnostic assessment tool that provides valuable clinical information to assist the Doctor in making recommendations designed to help your body adapt to the daily stressors of life.

Utilizing the information provided in a very detailed report, the Doctor evaluates the stressors and balancers identified and makes recommendations to help you achieve your health goals as well as maintain an optimal healthy state of adaptation. The BIORESONANCE SCAN is also a great compliment to a STRUCTURAL CORRECTION program as both programs ultimately help to keep your body in an optimal state of adaptation and balance.

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