Dr. Matt has helped me tremendously with inflamed discs in my lower back. Almost a year ago I found myself in a situation where I could hardly walk or move around without excruciating pain.

It had been some years since I’d had any chiropractic adjustments and eventually the neglect caught up with me. He explained to me that we’d have to go through a process of correcting the twisted state of my spine, and it would be a gradual process of improving, and possibly slightly relapsing as the treatments progressed, but if I would keep at it we could fix the problem.

Now my back feels strong and I have not had any pain or spasms for many months. When the problem with my back occurred, I thought that I’d never be able to ride my bike again as it caused so much pain, but now I’m able to ride as much as I want with no pain at all.

Thank you Dr Matt!

Paula from Clearwater