Body Right System

What Is The Body Right System?

The BODY RIGHT SYSTEM is a comprehensive system of treatment and analysis.  The BODY RIGHT SYSTEM is not a quick fix.  It is a PROCESS that is made up of a series of visits over a period of time.  Each visit builds upon the next working to move your Structure into an Optimal Functioning Condition.

On each visit, we review your progress and see if there are any changes in your condition.  We then thoroughly check and determine what needs to be done.  Each visit we have an exact goal to achieve.  We are also thorough in our approach.  Each visit lasts about 10-15 minutes with the Doctor.

On occasion, some visits do require a little more time.  If that is the case, we take the extra time needed.  We do not rush you out the door in an assembly line fashion.  Certainly, we may need to step away for a few moments to check on other patients, but we will keep you in the office as long as necessary.

The BODY RIGHT SYSTEM utilizes three main procedures.  Those include spinal adjustments, extremity adjustments and manual therapy procedures.  As the body compensates for the ANTERIOR STRUCTURAL DISPLACEMENT, layers of compensations are created.  As we work on your body to correct the ANTERIOR STRUCTURAL DISPLACEMENT, the layers of compensation literally unravel like peeling an onion to allow the body to return to a natural upright healthy and balanced condition.  The process of doing this is called RE-RIGHTING.

A common question that is asked is how long does the RE-RIGHTING process take.  The answer is it depends.  Certainly, in someone who is young, this process will take less time than in someone who is older and has more structural damage.  As everyone is different, how long it takes is determined after the COMPREHENSIVE STRUCTURAL EXAMINATION.

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