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What to expect at Body Right Chiropractic?

When you come in, you will receive an initial complementary consultation. You will be informed up front what to expect and the associated costs.  We will take a detailed history of your concerns.  Before any treatment is provided we perform a comprehensive orthopedic and neurological based structural examination.   If necessary, we will order diagnostic testing to further evaluate your condition. Once we determine what is wrong and if we can help, you will be introduced to The Body Right System© of Chiropractic. The Body Right System© is a comprehensive treatment for your body structure and includes adjustments to your entire spine, extremity adjustments (including your feet), manual therapeutic stretches and connective tissue releases.  Our goal is restoring your body to a [...]

By |June 3rd, 2014|

Sitting Right to Prevent Pain

When you sit with your hips lower than your knees it will tilt your pelvis backwards. This reverses the normal curve at the bottom of your spine and causes your upper body to lean forward. This causes a stretching of your spinal cord which can be a major cause of your pain and many other symptoms. If your car seat, like most seats, forces you to sit with your hips or buttock lower than your knees, you will get out of your car having been forced into that position while moving and your body will lean forward and you may notice you do not feel as good. In many cases, due to your body having a great ability to compensate, [...]

By |May 3rd, 2014|

Success with Chronic Sciatica

First of all, I was hesitating to see another chiropractor as I've seen so many before and my condition had never been handled.  So, I decided to try some other treatments and this time it works. Some old body conditions have been handled as a result.  Now I feel stronger and more energy and also healthier.  Thanks a lot to Dr. Erickson for his help, professionalism and his care. MG

By |April 6th, 2014|

Are You Tomorrow’s “You Are Just getting Old” Excuse?

We see it all the time.  As our grandparents age, their body starts to get severely hunched forward and breakdown.  When this happens to people, they are often told, "you are just getting old." The question this brings, does it have to be like that?  The truth is mechanically in many cases, it does not have to be that way.  The rhetoric of "you are just getting old" in most cases is an excuse for not having a workable solution to the problem. To understand the solution, you first have to identify the problem.  The problem is not that you become hunched over forward as you age.  The problem is the inability for the body to correct itself from a [...]

By |November 25th, 2013|

Get A Proper Exam First

It amazes me when a patient calls my office and wants me to adjust them without me ever having examined them. Some of them come from out of town and have the idea because they are under the care of another chiropractor, I should just have them come in and adjust them without an exam. Certainly, their home town chiropractor may be a really great doctor. However, ultimately, I am responsible for who I work on. To that end, I want to share a recent story about why it is important before you let anyone touch you, to make sure you "Get A Proper Exam First." Below is recent image of a patient who I found had a post traumatic [...]

By |October 18th, 2013|

What October is known for?

As you know, October has been declared "Breast Cancer Awareness Month."  However, did you know it is also "National Chiropractic Health Month?"  Yes, that's right.  Think of it this way, while one aspect of the medical community is focusing on your front side, we are focusing on your back side.  In reality though, we have your back all year long. Anyway, we are really excited to get the message out about National Chiropractic Health Month.  At Body Right Chiropractic we are working hard to help people get vertical.  In the picture below, you will notice there is a self test.  This is our version of the self test for your back side, however, we have taken it one step further [...]

By |October 10th, 2013|

About Our Practice

At Body Right Chiropractic, we focus on correcting the body’s inner framework using the Body Right System, which helps resolve most Secondary Conditions (symptoms).

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