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The first step begins by scheduling a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION. We like to think of our consultation as a conversation, not a commitment.

What is the purpose of the consultation? The purpose is to find out a little bit about you and to provide you with a little more information about us and what is involved in becoming a patient at BODY RIGHT CHIROPRACTIC.

During the consultation, if we honestly feel, we can not help you based upon what you tell us, we will let you know up front and if possible guide you to whom we feel may be able to help you.

We will also inform you if we feel our COMPREHENSIVE STRUCTURAL EXAMINATION is indicated. During the COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION, we will NEVER pressure you into participating in the BODY RIGHT SYSTEM of care. Instead, we will give you information and work with you to understand your condition so that you can make the best decision for taking care of your spine.

With that, we would like to INVITE you to come in to BODY RIGHT for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION so you can DISCOVER THE BODY RIGHT SYSTEM for yourself. We look forward to meeting you.

To schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION, simply call the office at 727-498-5208.

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