Success Stories

“At first I had my doubts about seeing a Chiropractor. People have told me that I should go. I was so surprised to see how simple it was, on top of that, the relief from mental and physical tension I had on my body. It made me realize how much of my attention was being absorbed by having a body that is in pain from being out of alignment. After my first treatment, my body was flexible again and my attention was more free, and I had way less pain. I’ve never been that happy in years. Dr. Matt definitely cares and goes beyond and above to sort out what would make everything work out best in terms of helping your body be healthier. This was huge for me! Especially as an athlete!” – K. Clato-Day

“Dr. Matt is a great chiropractor! He’s been my Chiropractor since 2010. I’ve been to some great chiropractors since I do practice management consulting and have worked with them for many years. Dr. Matt is both highly scientific in his approach to the body and an artist in making the body give up its aches and pains.” – D. Sanders

“I have been going to chiropractors since I was nine years old, I’ve been to at least a dozen for dance injuries and to help with my scoliosis. When I came to Dr. Matt, I was in so much pain I could barely get out of bed and I had been unable to work for months. After my first adjustment with him I finally had relief, I’ve never cried out of relief before but I did after that adjustment. I had not realized that my ribs were out of place, and my entire body was finally getting oxygen again. I was back to work within two weeks (it would have been faster, but I only started job-hunting after that first appointment). In the following appointments Dr. Matt listened to and answered all of my questions and always listened to the things that I wanted to handle, and he actually handled them. I wish he would move to Atlanta so I could still see him!” – M. Young

“Going to see Dr. Matt was a completely different experience than I was originally used to. Instead of sort of “assembly line approach” to treatment, he really spoke to me and took the time to make sure I was getting better each visit, even sooner ending extra time to make sure I was REALLY feeling better. I came to see him while in excruciating pain (I was shaped like an “S”) and couldn’t stand for long periods of time. Before I knew it, I was standing straighter then before. Thanks a million guys!” – A. Dee

“I suffered major head, neck, back and wrist injuries in a car accident. I am happy to say that after seeing Dr. Erickson @ Body Right Chiropractic, his treatment has helped me immensely! He has the touch of a magician. He absolutely rid me of my head and back pains, and improved the movement in my neck and wrists. He is highly knowledgeable and very personable to boot!” – J. White

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dr Matt. He saved my life and made it possible for me to live again.” – K. Mack

“Love the program, loved the results.” –  C. Seabloom

“I love DR Matt… He always takes care of me and my daughter. Barb takes good care of my appointments, reminding me with a text right before.” –  F. Lorente

“Matt is a very caring Chiropractor. When I visit he really spends whatever time is necessary to resolve my issues. He explains what he is doing and works until the situations are handled.” –  J. Sigal

“The Best Chiropractor in Clearwater! I received a series of adjustment from Dr. Matt and the results are amazing. I came back from a long trip from Europe and I had a lot of pain in my neck and my whole body. I never had this before. After only 2 adjustments the pain was completely gone. He figured out what was wrong immediately and I am impressed at the level of expertise he has to offer. My husband have been going to Body Right Chiropractic for many months now for much needed spinal correction and no chiropractor have been able to achieve the results like Dr. Matt did. We call him the magician.” –  E. Repak

“What can I say about Dr Matt but he is perhaps the most thorough physician I have ever seen. His success is entirely based on the crazy amount of attention he puts on the body, it’s symptoms and tracing things back to an explainable cause. His thoroughness of examination, even accompanying every treatment, keeps him up-to-date on exactly what’s happening at any particular moment. And this is not only impressive, you feel it in the treatment as you tend to feel the results right away as opposed to all this waiting! Thanks for some amazing treatment!” –  M. Sardella

“Dr. Erickson is very compassionate about a patients care. He takes the time to find out your issues and works toward a solution for you to become pain free. He asks a lot of questions in regard to your care. He has many years of experience. He has just completed his fellowship in Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma which only the best and most qualified can obtain.” –  A. Semryck

“Dr. Matt, I just wanted to thank you for the work you did. My body is feeling better than it has in years. I’ve used Chiropractors before, but none have been as effective as you have been. I recommend you highly. Keep up the good work!” –  R. Young

“want to write a review for Dr. Erickson. He went out of his way for me a few weeks ago when I had a HUGE scare and got me in for a consultation with a surgeon who otherwise would not have been able to see me for 7 weeks. (Thank goodness, it turned out that everything was fine.) But I would have had to wait 7 weeks to find this out without Dr. Erickson’s intervention. I am very grateful for his caring and his assistance.” –  J. Zawawi

“I Love Dr Matt!!!! Exceptional Dr. , top knowledge and delivery, 100% results consistently!!!! Very personable, very caring and his attention is impeccable. Definitely the Top of the Top Chiropractic Office -in professionalism, results and attention!!!!!” –  E. Tacher

“Absolutely the most considerate and helpful chiropractor I’ve ever had hands down. A friend referred me and what a favor she did me! I feel each time I’m there like we are a team working to address my structural issues, and like he truly wants the best possible outcome for me. When I see improvement, his smiles of joy are genuine. It’s truly refreshing to see someone so competent who is also so caring.” –  D. Matlock

“Dr Matt helped me a lot with an issue I had with my knees when I was undergoing strenuous exercise. He has a whole body approach that is just amazing and I know of several other people who have had great results. I have been going to chiro’s for years and I have a great appreciation for them and his approach is very unique and he gets great results. I highly recommend you go see him and find out what he’s about.” –  D. Lotz

“I was raised on Chiropractic care and have visited a variety of Chiropractors in my lifetime. Dr Matt has a unique approach that he has honed in over the decades and is constantly perfecting. He has one goal – getting people to optimal performance. Be it a high level of activity such as excelling on the football field all the way to a low level of activity such as comfortable in front of the computer – he does not stop at the symptoms rather goes for the underlying cause. I have seen him help someone who had no feelings in their hands for decades be able to feel temperature and sensation. If you have an unresolved problem – or you’re not interested to allow the ‘problem’ to exist until it’s unresolved – just shorten your time span and Go See Dr Matt.” – J. Menaul

“I came to Dr. Matt over 3 years ago when another Chiropractor basically used me for my PIP insurance and then said “okay you should be good to go, maybe lose 5 or 10 pounds and your lower back should feel better”. Dr. Matt offered a free consultation where he sat with me for over an hour and told me he knew he could help. He was right! Ever since being treated by Dr. Matt, not only is my back pain GONE. So is my knee pain. I sleep better and I hardly ever get sick! There is no comparison to Dr. Matt. If you have been treated like a cash cow by another Chiropractor and are still in pain, GO SEE DR. MATT.” – D. Shields

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