Treatment Options

What Do Most Health Care Providers Do?

What are my treatment options?  When it comes to the spine, a wide variety of treatment options are offered by both medical and alternative medicine practitioners. Most of these doctors focus on pain and symptom relief (secondary conditions), and they do an excellent job at this. First, doctors often start with medication or herbal/homeopathic remedies which can alleviate a patient’s symptoms effectively.

If medications don’t work, then courses of physical therapy or conventional chiropractic may be used to strengthen muscular weakness, address spasm, or increase mobility. If the symptoms persist, injections may be used to calm the site of pain. And when all of these options have been exhausted, more invasive procedures like surgery come into the picture. All of these treatment programs are effective given the appropriate time and place, and they all focus on alleviating symptoms.

In other words, most health care providers, just like conventional chiropractors, focus on treating the painful SECONDARY CONDITIONS (symptoms).

  1. Medical Doctors: Medication, Injections & Surgery
  2. Physical Therapists:  Manual Therapy, Modalities & Exercises
  3. Acupuncturists:  Use Acupuncture to dissipate built up energy.
  4. Massage Therapists:  Manipulate Muscles to loosen them up.
  5. Conventional Chiropractors: Manipulate the spine to increase motion, decrease pain & decrease muscle tension or spasm.

At Body Right Chiropractic, our Doctor focuses on the non-surgical STRUCTURAL CORRECTION of the spine and body.  Our Doctor also has additional training to address other body structures and not just the spine.  Our structural chiropractic approach is DIFFERENT than conventional chiropractic methods.

Specifically, we focus on correcting the ANTERIOR STRUCTURAL DISPLACEMENT of the spine and body that leads to a secondary COMPENSATORY STRUCTURAL TWIST.  The secondary compensatory structural displaced areas is where you get the restricted motion, pain, and muscle tension or spasm which is primarily what conventional chiropractors address.

The approach our Doctor uses to correct this is called the BODY RIGHT SYSTEM.  Our comprehensive approach addresses the spine and other body structure (as mentioned above)-after all, your body structure (which is your body’s inner structural framework) is made up of more than just your spine.

The process of correcting the ANTERIOR STRUCTURAL DISPLACEMENT, allows the body to naturally correct the COMPENSATORY STRUCTURAL TWIST.  Think of it this way.  If your car frame is bent and the tires are starting to wear, you would not just rotate the tires.  Instead, you would straighten out the frame and prevent the tires from wearing out.  Although, rotating the tires may be an option, it is better to fix what is causing them to wear and not just move the tires around as eventually no matter what, they are going to wear out sooner than they should.

Want to learn more?  Refer to the BODY RIGHT SYSTEM? tab or come in for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION.  It’s a conversation, not a commitment.

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